Breaking: A Witness Will Testify Against Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and eternal failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may think she can just go quietly into the night, free from consequences from the many wrongdoings she has been charged with. However, many have still been working to hard to hold Clinton accountable. This effort reached greater visibility when …

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Is The Yellowstone Volcano On The Brink of Eruption?

YELLOWSTONE QUAKE SWARM ONGOING- PRODUCES M4.5 QUAKE Yellowstone has had a lot of minor quakes recently. This is not suggesting anything but… the media has been completely silent. Underneath the surface, there is a lot of stuff that is molten and hot as hell. It appears to be moving… and …

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Majority of new HIV cases are in southern states

Overall transmission of HIV continues to decline in the U.S., but new interactive maps and data released Wednesday reveal disparities in infection rates in the country. “Where you live really matters when it comes to how heavily your community is impacted and your risk for infection,” lead researcher Patrick Sullivan …

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Should We Deport All Illegal Immigrants?

Immigration has been a hot topic in presidential debates for decades. Candidates will often make divisive statements and policy proposals to placate their electoral base, without any intention of following through with their promises. However, even if a politician planned to carry out his or her campaigned immigration plan, outward …

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BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Might Be Going To Prison!

The FBI has emails that are a firm proof Loretta Lynch would do whatever it takes to guard Hillary from criminal charges. However, award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel Catherine Herridge caught LORETTA LYNCH herself off guard on Friday afternoon. Catherine Herridge: “This is the most significant headline …

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Country Music Icon Loretta Lynn Hospitalized After Stroke At Age 85

One of the defining talents of country music, singer Loretta Lynn, has been hospitalized. The 85-year-old legend suffered a stroke Thursday night at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. “She is currently under medical care and is responsive and expected to make a full recovery,” according to her website. “Loretta, who just …

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