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CNN: Obama Fired a ‘Parting Shot’ Towards Israel and Netanyahu

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Global Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott and CNN Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller characterized the US abstaining on a UN Security Council vote on the Israeli settlements as a “parting shot” by President Obama towards Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Labott said, …

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Trey Gowdy Just Got The BEST NEWS OF HIS LIFE, Then HE WARNS HILLARY – Does Gowdy Have Your Support On This?

According to World News Politics: There’s not a political figure alive who has worked more than Congressman Trey Gowdy to bring former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to justice, and he has recently got some pretty amazing news. Gowdy had been running for reelection in his district in Spartanburg, and faced opposition …

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ISRAEL Slams Jew-Hater Obama for Final Despicable Act at UN

Obama’s hatred of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jewish state is well known. Last December a report surfaced that Barack Obama intercepted communications between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US lawmakers. The Obama White House targeted Netanyahu because he opposed their insane nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. …

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