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Health Benefits of Peas

Among the many legumes peas are one of the healthiest. Today they are widespread around the globe thanks to commercial markets, but if you want them fresh they need cold and humid climate to grow. Remember at home always keep peas in a freezer to preserve their nutrients!  If you …

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How to Get Rid of a Headache in 1 Minute

Nowadays headaches are common and there is practically no one who hasn`t experienced a headache at some point. On a daily basis we encounter people who suffer from chronic headaches. This should not come as a surprise to us because we are all the time stressed out; we sleep less …

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Losing Weight – Myths and Facts

We are bombarded daily with miraculous diets which effortlessly can make us lose weight. The truth is there are no short cuts. This is a long-lasting process and demands determination and dedication. First and foremost we need to change our lifestyle. The best approach is to consult a nutritionist. We …

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Food and Kitchen Hygiene

Unwashed vegetables, left out slices of fruit or piece of meat in a refrigerator can be dangerous for your health. The open sour cream, even if it is left in the refrigerator for more than two days, can be potentially unsafe for the one who finishes it. All the dairy …

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10 Incredible Food Life Hacks You Need to Know

Here is the list: 1. Opening a jar 2. Watering plants 3. HOWTO Gourmet breakfast 4. Keeping cookies soft 5. Liberating refried beans 6. Banana Show Shine 7. Stirring spoon holder 8. Stovetop Pizza 9. Oven + Eggs = Dance all night 10. Full figured bread [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rHWUki86N8[/embedyt]

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Cacao – Food of The Gods

Did you know the cacao contains more than 300 chemical compounds which are beneficial for our health? Cup of warm cacao before going to bed decreases stress levels and keeps the brain functioning at an optimum level. Cacao is excellent as food, refreshing drink, dessert, stimulant, tonic and diuretic (theobromine …

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Medications Affected by The Sun Rays

No matter what kind of medications we are talking about pills, creams, tablets, capsules etc. despite the active substance they have so many additional compounds which are affected by the UV rays and this way they cause unwanted chemical reactions resulting in mild or severe skin conditions. These medications are …

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Health Benefits of Chard

Chard is a leafy vegetable similar to spinach. It is a low caloric product which has specific substances beneficial for the intestinal microflora. Its cellulose fibers bond with water and all the fats and toxic matter flushing them out with ease. They put in motion the food movement through the …

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