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Obama Signs SICK Executive Order Targeting Trump

Barack Hussein Obama signed but every other government order on Friday with a view to require the President of america be a federal taxpayer. The new Yorker suggested that Obama said the bill, which makes a non-taxpayer ineligible to serve as President, is “long overdue.” it’s far set to enter …

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BREAKING: Senate Delivers Epic, Veto-Proof Defense Bill to Obama

President-opt for Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn into office but, but that hasn’t stopped the Republican-controlled Congress from already getting started on his schedule, maximum specifically that of rebuilding and strengthening the army. In step with Fox news, the Senate voted ninety two-7 on Thursday to pass the 2017 national …

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IT’S OFFICIAL! Trump Breaks 110-Year-Old Record

The election of 2016 broke a number of barriers. At the same time as the liberals are busy crowing about a nonexistent “glass ceiling” Donald Trump has made a touch bit of history of his personal. It became a report that stood for 110 years, but Donald Trump broke it …

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