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15 Practical Uses of Baking Soda

Bicarbonate of soda (chemically known as sodium hydrogen carbonate) has many industrial, nutritive and health applications. It is extremely affordable so it is best to keep it at hand because of its usefulness. With it you can make home beauty treatments, clean your house and aid in medical emergencies. Here are some of the uses:


  1. Clean your hair. All the residual chemicals from hairsprays, gels and conditioners can be washed easily. Simply add a teaspoon of soda in your shampoo bottle. If you plan on going for a swim in a pool wash your hair with soda afterwards. Mix half a liter of water with half a teaspoon of soda. This way your will remove the chlorine and keep your hair lush.
  2. Clean your brushes and combs. All your hair accessories are covered with chemicals which you use to style your hair. It is imperative to soak them in warm water with 2 tablespoons of soda.
  3. Remove disgusting odors. If your hands smell like garlic, fish or onion mix some soda in your liquid soap and the smell will disappear.
  4. Soft and silky skin on your elbows and knees. The skin on our knees and elbows can lose its elasticity and become rough. Prepare a homemade pealing with water and soda and go over these areas. The results will amaze you.
  5. Clean and white nails. Put a little soda on an old toothbrush and clean your finger and toe nails. This way you will soften the cuticles, bring back their shine and revive the damaged nails from using nail polish.
  6. Whiter teeth. When you brush your teeth from time to time add a little soda. It is natural whitener.
  7. Foot relaxants. Take a relaxing soak after a long day. In one basin put 3 teaspoons of soda and enjoy.
  8. Refresh your breath. Dissolve one tablespoon of soda in one glass of water. Take one sip, but do not swallow. Gargle and spit it out. All the bad smells will be neutralized.
  9. Remove the bad smells from your clothes. Being in a surrounding with smokers or being a smoker yourself can be the reason for bad smelling clothes. Before washing presoak them in a basin with few teaspoons of soda.
  10. Baby vomit and saliva can be quickly removed. It seems like it is very difficult to remove vomit and saliva from clothes but that is not the case. Immediately put a little soda on the designated place and leave it on for a while.
  11. Decrees the smell in your refrigerator. Leave one small box of soda in it. Replace the soda every 3 months or earlier if it has absorbed too much smell. Always use soda and water when you clean your refrigerator.
  12. Clean your microwave. On a sponge put a little bit of soda and go over the entire microwave.
  13. Cleaning and refreshing a chopping board. First thoroughly scrape the entire board with soda and then use your everyday detergent to clean it.
  14. Clean burnt pots. Have you ever make a small mistake in the kitchen and had been left with a burnt pot. Soda is here to help. Pour hot water in the pot and add soda. Let it soak for a while and it will be as good as new when you wash it.
  15. Refresh your carpets. If you have spilled something and there is a lingering bad smell on a specific part of your carpet put soda on it. Leave it for 2 to 3 hour and vacuum it.

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