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Helpful Household Tricks

In our refrigerator we have so many different types of food. Most of it can be used for many different things despite consumption, such as removing stains, grease, removing scratches and etc. Huffington Post made a list of products which have diverse use and here are some of them: mala_tricks

Banana peels are useful for cleaning silverware Do not throw away your banana peels. If your silverware is losing its shine polish them off with the inner part of the peel and they will be shiny just like when you bought them.

Cucumber for cleaning walls If you have a child who wants to be an artist and draws on the walls do not worry. Cucumber peels can erase all the art work and doddles of your children. Go over the wall with the peel and it will wipe everything clean. Another useful way to use cucumber peels or cucumber slices it so rub them on the bathroom mirror so it would not get foggy while you shower.

Onion for cleaning greasy barbeque grills Slice one onion in half and go over the barbeque grill with the slices. The best and most efficient way is to heat up the barbeque fist, stick the onion on a fork and rub it over the parts where there is a lot of greasiness.

Walnuts for removing scratches from wooden surfaces Crack the walnut and take out the edible parts and rub it on the wooden surface, then with your finger smooth out the scratched surface. The walnut`s juice needs to stay for a while on the area, around 5 minutes. In the end wipe over the scratched surface with soft towel.

Salt removes red wine stains Unfortunately this can happen to anyone, spilling red wine on your favorite white furniture or you clothes. Do not panic. Take a handful of salt and place it on the area. The salt will absorb the stain.

Piece of bread for cleaning up broken glass When you break a glass or any other glass object it is very important to pick up all the pieces. You can do this with a slice of bread socked in water. Go over the area and all the pieces will stick to the bread.

Coca Cola for cleaning your toilet Get rid of all the expensive cleaning products. Use Coca Cola to clean your toilet. All you need to do is pour a can of Coca Cola and leave it for an hour, then do a little light scrubbing and the toilet will be sparkly clean.

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