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Losing Weight – Myths and Facts

We are bombarded daily with miraculous diets which effortlessly can make us lose weight. The truth is there are no short cuts. This is a long-lasting process and demands determination and dedication. First and foremost we need to change our lifestyle. The best approach is to consult a nutritionist.
We come in different shapes and sizes and accepting your body as God-given is crucial. Our age plays also an important role.  Diets for losing weight for 20 year old person and 50 year old one cannot be the same. Consulting your doctor and focusing on an ideal weight should be a primary goal before starting a weight loss diet.

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Here are some misconceptions about losing weight:

With extreme workouts you lose weight quickly – Grueling workouts demand special diet and nutrition as many athletes would agree. If you exercise and do not get the proper nutrition you only exhaust your body and the risk of injuries is incredibly high. There is a big difference between an extreme workout and healthy physical activity, which needs to be according to your age, capability and health condition. Walking, swimming, riding a bike, gymnastics and running are not just a mechanical way of burning calories. They are perfect for kick-starting your metabolism and training it to work faster.

You cannot lose weight only by walking – This is absolutely incorrect! It is true that you burn fewer calories than running but by walking you stimulate your metabolism which is very important. Swedish doctors from the prestigious Carolinas Medical Center advise 40 minutes of daily walking. The walks must be done in one rhythm, which is acceptable to the subject and without stopping.  They say: “If you do not have a specific route, go 20 minutes in one direction then come back”. This easy advice in combination with a healthy diet can give evident results.

You lose weight by skipping meals – When you do this you are not just gaining more weight but you also harm your body. This is a perfect example when our body and our condition suffer also all our food turns into reserves thus making us gain more body fat. Proper nutrition is when you consume smaller meals throughout the day rather than substantial ones.

Bread and carbs make you gain weight – Moderate consumption of carbs will not make you gain weight. Completely giving up carbs is ill-advised, unless you have allergies or other type of condition, because they are considered to have a special role in our bodily function. Nevertheless stay away from white bread and French fries. Both of them can do the trick if you want easily to tip the scale.

If you drink less water you lose more weight – This is a dangerous misconception. We cannot sustain our body without water. The fact that we can last longer without food than water speaks for itself. Water does not have any calories and it is important for hydrating the body because a thirsty person eats more. Always hydrate yourself according to your size and age.

All snacks make you gain weight – Incorrect! Industrial snacks, chips, Cheetos and similar products with trans fats can ruin your diet, but there are healthy snacks like apple chips, nuts: sunflower seeds, pumpkinseeds and etc. Healthy snack are rich with vitamins and minerals, but do not overindulge yourself with them!

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