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20 Healthy Habits for Flat Tummy

For many people this is a big issue. Once you let yourself go getting back on track can be a grueling task. Exercising is crucial, but not pivotal for reaching your goal. Besides crunches there are many other daily routines you need to implement. All of them are healthy and natural therefore do not be afraid to try them:


  1. Start your day with a ginger tea. It speeds up the digestion process and prevents bloating.
  2. Instead of a regular breakfast have an egg white omelet.
  3. Eat one banana a day to regulate the water retention in your body and to supply it with potassium.
  4. Avoid: garlic, artichoke, corn, kale, chard and mushrooms. All of these products are healthy, but they are the main reason for bloating.
  5. Tend to stay away from energy bars and chocolates with artificial sweeteners.
  6. Try to season your food with parsley because it regulates the digestion.
  7. Dark chocolate with 70% cacao is preferable.
  8. Eat small meals 3 to 4 hours apart instead of 2 big ones.
  9. Always eat slowly. This way you prevent aerophagia (swallowing air while eating).
  10. Substitute all the fizzy drinks in your refrigerator with water and lemon.
  11. Stay away from all beverages with artificial sweeteners. Sugar and carbonated drinks are a horrible combination.
  12. Pasta and white bread need to be replaced with whole-wheat products due to the need of dietary fiber.
  13. Greasy food is bad for you.
  14. Reserve at least 15 minutes a day of your time to walk.
  15. It would not hurt if you have more than one cup of ginger tea maybe with a dash of cinnamon.
  16. Milk and all the other dairy products contribute to bloating.
  17. Make yourself a bath with a handful of sea salt. The magnesium induces sweating which is good because the body disposes of toxins and retained water.
  18. Adding too much salt in your food may cause water retention.
  19. When you are hungry almonds are the perfect snack. They leave you full without feeling boated.
  20. Alcohol is the biggest enemy on your journey to a flat tummy.

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