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Breast Cancer Prevention! Warning Signs of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore!

One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer, but as the number of infected people grows the number of cured also grows. Today there are many campaigns which bring awareness to this disease because early diagnostics can be lifesaving. If it is caught in the early stages 95% of the patients can be cured. Increased intake of phytoestrogen can result in less chances of getting breast cancer. It needs to be taken every six to eight hour because there is a certain period when it is being absorbed in the body. How can you prevent breast cancer? Here are some advice:

Pink women
Pink women

-Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the one on the shortlist against cancer. Always buy fresh products and eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.

-Avoid meat, especially red meat. The World Health Organization recommens no more than 500g per week. If the origin of the meat is questionable do not eat it under any circumstances.

-Do not consume diary products in great quantities.

-Eat products rich in dietary fibers to prevent obstipation and flush the rest of the estrogen out.

-Do not go too far with alcohol- 5 glasses a day increase the chances of getting breast caner.

-Do not use plastic foil and never keep your groceries in a plastic bag. Always use glass containers. Fruit stored in plastic containers is very unhealthy and do not heat up your sandwich if it was wrapped up in a plastic foil.

-Control your anxiety and do not let stress get to you. Find time to enjoy the things you like every day.

-Be aware of your weight and your lifestyle, especially after menopause.

-Be physically active!

-Any changes in the texture of the skin also shape and size of areolas or breasts, including the armpits must be noted and examined by a doctor!!!

-Be vigilant of the everyday toxic surrounding. All the antiperspirants, perfumes, facial creams need to be with natural ingredients. Most of the deodorants have aluminum in them. Everyday use of those antiperspirants can be detrimental because we poison our body. People with genetic predisposition must be extra cautious.

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