Cleans Your Kidneys and Your Urinary Tract by the Help of Flax

We all know fibers from the flax plant are used in the textile industry, but that is not all. From the seed we can get oil which has many healing properties. The seed itself is also used as medicine. The oil is used for burns, skin irradiation as well as arteriosclerosis when consumed orally. Without a doubt it has a secure place among the healing plants. Tea and different flax concoctions overlay the mucous membrane of the entire digestive tract. Always keep in mind flux seeds should not be used when you have some form of bowel disorder or dysfunction such as diarrhea. Here are some homeopathic remedies with flax which might come in handy:


Renal calculus of kidney stones

Take one tablespoon of flax oil in the morning and at night with water or milk.

If you do not have flax oil – 1 to 4 tablespoons of flax seeds need to soak 3 to 4 hours in cold water. Don`t forget to stir once in a while! Afterwards the concoction is ready to be used.


All you need is 40g of flax seeds and 30g of birch leaves. Mix them together and one tablespoon of the mixture needs to soak in cold water for 6 hours then boil it for 15 minutes. Drink it during the day, but not at once, sip by sip is better.

 You can also get 50g of flax seeds, 20g of birch leaves, 10g of nettle leaves, blackberry leaves or strawberry leaves. One tablespoon needs to soak in cold water for 6 hours then boil it for 15 minutes. Have 1 to 2 glasses a day from the concoction.

Kidney cleanser

One tablespoon of flax seeds needs to boil in one cup of water. Dose: half a cup in every two hours for a period of three days. The consistency of the concoction is pretty thick so you will need to dilute it with water. If you do not like the taste you can add a bit of lemon juice.


Put 10g of flax seeds in a glass jar. Add 300ml of boiled water and leave it for 10 minutes. Do not forget to stir once in a while! Afterwards strain it. Drink the concoction during the day every half an hour. This concoction is helpful when we have inflamed pleura.

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