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Did You Know Raspberry Prevents Renal Calculus – Kidney Stones?

Worldwide raspberries are most often consumed dried, but we must not forget about the benefits when they are consumed fresh. The main reason for this is the unpleasant taste. Some people even get cramps, but it does not contain any toxins so you have nothing to worry about.

People who are constantly under stress can benefit the most from raspberries and also people with cardiovascular diseases. Here are some other facts: Kidney-Stone-Pain-520x245

Prevent urinary tract infections – this fact was known many years back and the contemporary science supports it. The benefits from the raspberries are: increased acidity of urine, contains apurinic acid which is antibacterial agent, there are other matters which prevent E.coli, pathogen responsible for 80%-90% of the urinary infections, to deposit on the urinary tract walls. Their potency is amazing because by consuming 40g dried raspberries a day your urinary tract will not have any problems at all.

Prevention of kidney stones – the raspberry has kainic acid, which increases acidity and prevents calcium and potassium ions to merge and create insoluble mineral stones. Patients who suffer from constant kidney stone problems need raspberry juice because it is the perfect solution. It decreases the quantity of ionized calcium in the urine by 50% because in America 75% to 85% of the kidney stones are due to calcium salts.

Strong antioxidant – the raspberries are rich in C vitamin but also manganese and other antioxidants such as phenolic phytonutrients. In many researches it was proven that it has 5 times more antioxidants than the broccoli, it has more phenols than any other fruit or vegetable, compared to 20 different types of juice the raspberry comes on top and it can stabilize the free radicals easily. Needless to say more raspberries are recommended for anyone.

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