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Dieting mistakes: The reason why you can`t get rid of your belly fat !!

Do you want to lose weight or fat tissue? Most of us think these things are the same, but the truth is they are not. The majority believes losing weight implies losing fat tissue, but the reality is it is not the same at all. We are comparing apples and oranges here. However it’s very important to tell the difference of losing weight and losing fat tissue. This article can help you with that.


If you want to lose fat tissue

When you suddenly start to make food restrictions the first thing you will lose is muscle mass. This is the reason why when we reach our ideal weight we are not satisfied with our body image because we look the same just a bit smaller. This happens due to the fact that we still have a high percentage of fat tissue and small muscle density.

Take your workouts seriously

If your goal is to lose weight or just be in a better shape and in good health maybe decrease the fat tissue and look sexy you need to practice weight lifting exercises. Despite the cardio workouts, which burn fat, it is a must to implement weights because they build muscles.

Be cautious with what you eat

Pay attention which food you consume. In many cases girls exclude certain type of food and decrease intake of calories, and the results fall behind. During the day if you do not supply the body with calories and you do not get off the treadmill you lose muscles. Literally the body breaks down muscles because you are not letting them have the proper nourishment. This process is called gluconeogenesis. You do not wat that.

You have to change your mid-state from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to lose fat tissue”. The number you see on a body scale is far less important than your body fat percentage.

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