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Home Remedies for Acne and Ulcers-aphtha

There is no one who has not had similar problems. The solution is in your household Acne Most of the doctors do not consider acne to be the result of a specific diet, others say that it is the key to a healthy and glowing skin, but both of them agree that chocolate and fats are the number one reason for acne. mala_akni Most important of all is to have a balanced diet, leave out animal fats and sugar. Always eat whole wheat bread and rice rich in B vitamin. Another reason on the other hand may be a hormonal misbalance, neurological and psychological disorder so you need to consult a doctor about these issues.

Among the basic vitamins and minerals the doctors especially recommend: zinc, chromium, A vitamin, E vitamin and B6 vitamin. -At home rinse your face with walnut tea (one tablespoon of diced walnut leaves soaked in 250ml of boiling water) -Make a concoction to cleanse your blood: ¼ cup of spinach, 4 carrots, 1 apple and 1 bunch of parsley.

-Make a mixture of horseradish and wine vinegar. Grate the horseradish, put it in a bottle and sock it in the vinegar. Leave it for 10 days in a room temperature. The horseradish makes the vinegar less sour and the vinegar makes the horseradish less spicy, this way we get sweet vinegar which is good for any type of skin. Use the mixture to massage your face.

Mouth ulcers – Aphtha If you are prone to ulcers you need to avoid coffee, spices, citrus fruit and any other food that can irritate your oral cavity. One of the reasons for having ulcers is mineral and vitamin deficiency. Getting supplements such as C vitamin, B vitamins, folic acid, iron and zinc can be beneficial. -At home you can gargle and rinse your mouth with walnut and sage tea. Never attempt to use alcohol for gargling if you have ulcer!!! -Make a tea from carrot leaves. It disinfects the mouth, the throat and heals ulcers.

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