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Myths and Facts about Sparkling Water – Is it Bad for Your Health?

You will surely be refreshed by a recent study regarding sparkling water. This beverage is consumed daily by many people so you will probably find it helpful. It is better to drink skirling water than any soda because in most of them there are artificial sweeteners and artificial colors. There are so many myths and facts about sparkling water it is hard to tell them apart. Here are some myths and facts based on a scientific research:


Bubbles prevent proper body hydration

According to Suzan Gargan from the University of South Carolina, bubbles do not prevent hydration. One of the many researches indicates that after an intense workout weather you choose to have sparkling or still water it does not matter. Virtually there is no difference.

Sparkling water is bad for your teeth and bones

If you drink sparkling water in great quantities your tooth enamel will suffer. So, if you plan on drinking a gallon of sparkling water per day you are in trouble, but if you drink a reasonable amount you have nothing to worry about.

Makes you gain weight

It is true that all those bubbles can make you feel bloated, but that is temporary and in the long run beneficial for you. It is well known sparkling water can quench your thirst faster than still water especially on an empty stomach. The more you are hydrated the more you will not be prone to snacks. Avoid sparkling water with flavors and sweeteners at any cost.

Induces acid reflux

This myth now is busted by the scientists. You can drink sparkling water, but if you have this type of a problem you need to avoid food that causes it. However if you already have a condition where your stomach produces a lot more acid than usually, sparkling water can make the situation even worse.

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