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No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things

Rarely has anyone spoken of the true magic that onion does to our body, and let us tell you — it really does!

This seemingly simple bliss of nature is a strong warrior when it comes to battling numerous diseases, and getting your organism up and running.

Onions are excellent in the battle against chronic vomiting, due to its anti-inflammatory properties which boost the immune system.

This vegetable derives from the Allium family, meaning it is packed with sulfur which allows antiseptic and antibiotic influence on the body.

Alongside that, onions offer plenty of antioxidants like quercetin, relieving the body from free radicals and preserving its health. Onions can be easily juiced and consumed as such, helping with respiratory diseases because of its cleansing nature.

Furthermore onions can also be great for:

  • curing cardiovascular diseases
  • treating arthritis
  • regulating elevated cholesterol levels
  • helping with diabetes due to their sulfur and flavonoid content

Using Onions To Their Advantage

Even in prehistoric times, onions have been used as a remedy for treating countless diseases, and below you will find guides on how to make the most of this glorious product.

  1. Colic – commonly used by the Cherokee Indians for treating children suffering from colic.

Recipe: Use slices of yellow onion and boil them in water. Let liquid cool off and drain it. Feed your infant with one teaspoon of the beverage every hour until symptoms fade.

  1. Dissolve chest congestion

Recipe:  Mix one crushed onion and some coconut oil. Form a paste and use it to smear onto the chest. Secure paste with a towel on top of it and put on a shirt. Keep it until warm, and then remove towel and rinse.

  1. Ear infections and ear pain

Recipe:  Take chopped onion and place it inside a sock (the thinner, the better). Tie it up and place it on affected area. Secure sock with a hat or a headband. Remove after pain is gone.

You could also use onion in many different manners, including:

  • Rubbing onion onto skin to prevent insect bites
  • Rubbing onion onto scalp to accelerate hair growth
  • Placing onion in clothes as a protection against moths
  • Boiling and spraying onion juice to keep plants safe from pests and bugs
  • Cleaning clothes iron with slices of onion to prevent rusting
  • Using onion slices to clean and polish glass and copper objects
  • Massaging onion onto skin to avoid freckling

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