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Things You Ought to Avoid if You Want Healthy Bones

– Specific reaction occurs in the body when we consume proteins. When the body produces energy due to protein intake it also produces sulfate. The sulfate increases calcium loss trough urinating. In every 10g extra proteins we lose 100mg of calcium. Overconsumption of proteins is not recommended especially proteins from animal origin.

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– Carbonated drinks have plenty of phosphor. If consumed in great amounts it is a mineral which can be responsible for calcium loss.

– Never drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day because it acidifies the body easily. The statistics indicate that drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day can increase your chances of getting osteoporosis by 82%.

– Products made with white flour such as bread, cookies, pasta and etc. also acidify the body.

– Be careful with dark colored teas.

– Lower the intake of fatty food to a minimum.

– Plenty of proteins are not good for the body! Recent studies show that too much milk is not necessarily beneficial. Switzerland, Finland, Holland and Sweden are the leading countries when it comes to milk consumption but osteoporosis is a common occurrence there. Animals which have strong bones like cow, goats and sheep are herbivores, they don`t consume milk. Therefor for healthy bones we need to consume more vegetables than anything else. Of you are still in two minds when it comes to milk consumption to be safe and not to feel deprived moderate consumption will not cause any problems for sure.

– Smoking and drinking coffee go hand in hand. Both of them have negative effect on our bones and our overall health. Make a decision to give them up all together and you will expand your life span.

– Do not let stress overpower you! This harms the body because too much adrenalin can damage the bones

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