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10 Golden Rules While Dieting

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The healthiest food, as we all know, SE is the food that wholesale jerseys is untouched by human hands, thus preserving its energy. The key of healthy nourishing is the right combination of food.

Here are 10 rules by which we should all abide.

1. Don’t use processed food. It is better to use fresh products.

2. Basic menu (50-60% of the daily meals):  you need to use rice, grains and wheats – cheap jerseys they mustn’t be grinded and must be prepared by hands. We can consume this food wholesale jerseys as much as we want.

3. The cheap nba jerseys consumption of vegetables and fruit must be from 25% to 30% during the day. They are more beneficial unpeeled and fresh or moderately boiled but not baked.


4. Around 5-10% we need to eat legumes (beans, lentil and peas) and seaweed.

5. Around 5-10% from the food should be vegetable soups and wheats.

6. Around 5-10% you should consume walnuts, fish and seeds.

7. Meat, poultry, dairy products, lard and eggs should ?Bienvenidos! be consumed rarely, only once in a while.

8. Respect you routine and don’t cheat because if you cheat you only cheat yourself. Don`t drink unhealthy beverages such as: lemonade, coffee, black tea… Green tea is better for you; healthy beverages from wheats are amazing. One of them is the shen shen tea or root from lotus.

9. You should prepare food only with water and by boiling it not fried or by adding oil.

10. All the food must be chewed properly up to 30 times. If the food is nutritious, it will be better world! absorbed by chewing it properly. cheap jerseys
You can do a test by chewing meat for a period of time and you will see that there is no flavor in it and therefore no energy. You should chew the food until you feel its flavor that is when you absorb its energy.

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