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Basil – Natural Stress Reliever

Ancient civilizations were aware of the powers the basil has. It affects the mind as well as the body in a positive way. It’s an old remedy for soothing and calming the nerves therefor it’s recommended for people who deal with stressful situations on a daily basis.

People whose profession requires great mental capacity must use basil to improve their memory and to stay focused. When you have a cold or you cough and even when you suffer from chest pain basil is the best homeopathic medicine. In some cases it can increase the appetite and definitely sooth the stomach when you feel bloated. It is useful against intestinal inflammations and UTIs. It’s recommended for women who nurse for better lactation.
Basil tea improves the overall condition of the body, sooths headaches, insomnia and dizziness. It reduces the coughing to a minimum. Inflammation of the stomach and the intestines can be alleviated too.

Essential oil from basil is a great antioxidant, antibiotic and prevents the microbes to overpower the body.

Juice from fresh basil leafs can be used as a mouth wash and throat wash and also against insect bites. If you have any kind of mouth infection a few leafs chewed three times a day would do wanders. It also can be utilized if you have bad breath. If you want to use it while cooking it is best to add it at the end. In many cases it is perfectly acceptable to use it after cooking as a spice.

The basil is a concentrated source of iron which generates: energy, calcium which regenerates the bones, potassium, magnesium and additional fibers.  It is rich with vitamin A and C, vitamins which eliminate the free radicals. Use basil on a daily basis to stay healthy!

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