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Cacao – Food of The Gods

Did you know the cacao contains more than 300 chemical compounds which are beneficial for our health? Cup of warm cacao before going to bed decreases stress levels and keeps the brain functioning at an optimum level.

Cacao is excellent as food, refreshing drink, dessert, stimulant, tonic and diuretic (theobromine is the prefect diuretic for lowering high blood pressure). Theobromine therefore the cacao powder, are strongly recommended for people who suffer from asthma. It lowers anxiety and prevents depression due to the abundance of serotonin and dopamine – hormones for happiness.cacao
You will be happy to hear that in the cacao there is: iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and C vitamin. In 28g of cacao you get 31% of the daily recommended dose of iron.

Some of the cacao benefits are: protection of free radicals, lowering stress and depression, detoxing the body, reducing the chances of getting any type of cancer and etc. It is also worth mentioning the fact that it does not allow blood clots by improving circulation, lowering the cholesterol and the risk of a heart attack is reduced to a minimum.

Regular consumption of cacao “clears the head”. The flavonoids in this drink accelerate the circulation and the oxygen gets faster to the brain. By drinking it we will have better concentration and we can prevent dementia. Moreover it is a strong aphrodisiac and anti-oxidant.

The fact that it is not present on the market just as a product for consumption, but also as a cosmetic solution for wrinkle free and softer skin speaks volumes.

What is interesting is that one cup of coffee has as much caffeine as 20 cups of cacao. If you drink cacao in the morning you would get the same effect as drinking coffee, but your blood pressure will not increase. Make a habit of drinking one cup of warm cocoa in the morning. Your body will be absolutely grateful.

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