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Do Not Ignore The Signals From Your Body – Part I

Our body regularly sends signals about its current state. Our job is to learn those signals and react in time. The body is a world of its own. It changes constantly and every day is a different chapter of the story. Think about your emotional state. At times you are sad, then you are happy, the next day you are indifferent and so on.

All of those emotions cause significant change on a molecular level in the body and all the compounds: minerals, vitamins, hormones and etc. create different structures and chemical combinations. Our body is the most sophisticated bio machine which communicates with us all we need to do is stop, ponder and feel. Small things make a big difference. Here are some signals you should consider:



The ideal weight is not by proportions. It is the weight that you feel most comfortable and healthiest with. If your weight stops you from living a healthy and happy life, whether you are overweight or underweight, you should take matters into your own hands. The key is to weigh yourself at the same time and under the same conditions, continuously. That is how you get the most accurate results.

Usually we weigh ourselves a couple of times during the day and the results might be inconsistent and incorrect. Keep the size you feel most comfortable with. Sometimes we get a little “fat belt” around our waist but that is nothing to worry about. Everyone has it. It is not a big deal and if you decide to get rid of it you can do it at any time.


It is not uncommon to have a swelling on your legs. It is called water retention. This usually happens in the knee sack. This type of condition needs medical attention. Often it is unnoticeable and painless but most of the time it is severe and unpleasant.


Everyone likes to have a flat and toned stomach but as times goes by you probably have less and less time to pay attention to it. That is perfectly fine. What you need to take into account is if your stomach gets circular and feels swollen. In this situation you need to take up some light sport or balance your diet and everything will be back to normal. In some rare cases this can mean digestion problems or improper function of the liver.


Carefully observe your palms. They can tell you your future…I am just kidding. They are a mirror to the entire body. Sometimes they can be too dry, too moist, really white or red and cracked. Those are some minor signal by which your body is trying to tell you something. It needs your help in some form of nourishment.


They are the best indicators of malnutrition. If you find your nails fragile, with white spots, or easily breakable it is due to stressful life and stressful situations. Obtain your optimal condition by relaxing and eating healthy and everything will be back to normal. Sometimes this means that there is a hormonal misbalance or some physiological function is impeded.

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