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Interesting Chocolate Facts

There is almost no one who doesn’t like chocolate. Sweet, tasty plainly said the prefect dessert which can put a smile on anyone’s face. Any time you feel down in the dumps chocolate can make you feel better. Who even cares how much calories one bar of chocolate has when it tastes so good.

Here are some interesting facts about the chocolate:
1. The Aztec Rulers used to drink around ten cups of hot chocolate a day. They enjoyed its bitter taste without any sweeteners. The Spanish were the first ones to put sugar in the chocolate.
2. Allegedly, Napoleon used to carry with him chocolate bars any time he had a conquering quest.
3. To make 1 kilo of chocolate you would need around 400 cacao pods.
4. The tree which grows cacao pods is called Theobroma cacao or also known as “food for gods”.
5. The tree can live up to 200 years, but the fruits only 25 years. After that period their quality declines.
6. Believe it or not cacao pods need to be dried for 7 days before exporting them to chocolate factories.
7. In 100g of chocolate there are 500 calories.chocholate

8. One or two squares of chocolate can give you the energy to walk 50 meters. 
9. This delicious dessert melts on a temperature of 34°C, which is lower than our average temperature. This is the reason it melts the moment you put it in your mouth.
10. The chocolate has 600 constituent elements, which gave its flavor, whereas the wine has only 200.
11. On average one Swiss eats 10kg of chocolate a year. Maybe this is the reason they have the least heart attacks in the world.
12. Half of the world`s production of chocolates ends up in America.
13. In the chocolate there is a small dose of caffeine, but it is insignificant compared to the coffee.
14. Researchers have proven that dark chocolate improves concentration and memory because it increases blood flow in the brain.
15. Without a doubt women eat more chocolate than man.
16. In the past doctors would prescribe chocolate to ease the pain from unrequited love.
17. Chocolate can accelerate the heart beat much more than a kiss by a loved one.
18. The chocolate industry makes 110 billons a year.
19. The biggest chocolate, according to The Guinness World Records, was made in Chicago and it weight 6 tons.
20. Do not forget chocolate is toxic for dogs and other house pets!

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