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Sugar and Its Damaging Effects


We Know often wonder why and how can sugar be unhealthy when it is sweet, delicious and tasty?
There are so many sweet tasting natural products: grapes, melons, beets Lacado and etc.

In most of the fruits and some vegetables the sugar is natural and good for you, in moderate amounts. The industrial sugar is a poison for your body! In the process Buy of obtaining the sugar in Global the factories it becomes a harmful artificial product.



When you consume it, it burns out the calcium in your body consequently destroying your bones and teeth. It power disrupts the exchange of substances in the body and the blood flow.
We http://www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com must mention the creation of blood cells Up is at great risk too. When the sugar and gets into your circulatory system it acts as a poison polluting the blood and Politica thus contaminating the entire system.

The blood vessels become permeable and microbes can easily infiltrate our system.

Nevertheless we shouldn’t forget about sweet thing completely, the sugar has its place in our body.
If we consume it in reasonable amounts it can be useful. It can be transformed into beneficial substances which are essential part of the blood, the tissue and the cells.

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