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Why Do We Need to Eat Beet ?!

Beet is very nutritious and healthy vegetable. It has almost all known vitamins and minerals: potassium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, sulfur, iodine, manganese and etc. Certain amount of cobalt is found in beet, substance which assists in creating the B12 vitamin and erythrocytes. This vitamin is found only in animal products therefor beet is recommended for vegetarians. As we all know B12 deficiency can cause anemia. In the beet there are B1, B2, B6 as well as dietary fibers. Usually people eat it as salad or boiled. When it is fresh it does not matter how you consume it. If you can add a little lemon juice and olive oil it will taste even better.


This is a rooted vegetable, but you can use the leaves too, not just the root of the vegetable. The entire plat can be consumed especially if you want to be protected from the free radicals and oxidation damages. In one conducted research spinach, broccoli, carrot, onion, celery and beet were compared according to their health benefits. Beet proved to be the most valuable due to the fact that it has the best compound for absorbing free radicals and the phytonutrient phenol.

Here are some situations which require eating beet:

-anemia (especially for children)


-digestive and gallbladder disorders

-problems with low blood pressure

-heart conditions

-impeded brain activity and neural response



Extra: Salad from beet leaves

Wash the leaves well and boil them for 10 minutes. Strain them and let them cool down. Slice them in bigger pieces add lemon juice, clove of garlic, salt and olive oil. Mix everything and your salad is ready!

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