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After Trump Shames Obama by Saving 1,000 Carrier Jobs, White House Gets Caught Trying to Push Huge Lie…

Donald Trump promised the yankee electorate at the campaign path that he become going to combat to maintain jobs right here in the united states.
This week, Trump introduced that he has commenced to keep that promise before he even takes office.

He reached a address service to hold 1,000 jobs in the us that were approximately to be shipped to Mexico.

That’s big league stuff.

Manifestly, this is embarrassing for the White residence for a variety of reasons.

This video explains one of the foremost reasons…

Yikes. Can you accept as true with that guy is our president?

“Uh, properly, I guess those jobs are just long past. Sorry!”

seemingly, the White house forgot about this video due to the fact they are appearing unimpressed with Trump’s announcement.

From Breitbart:

White residence Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted that provider’s choice regarded to be “suitable news” however pointed out that Obama had accomplished a better process at growing and saving jobs.

“If he is a hit in doing that 804 extra instances, then he’s going to meet the report of producing jobs that were created in the united states of america at the same time as President Obama turned into in office,” he said.

Earnest pointed out that under Obama, 805,000 manufacturing jobs have been created inside the usa. He also boasted that Obama had saved over a million jobs for the duration of his presidency by using bailing out the automobile industry.

There are a couple problems with that.

#1 What’s with the mind-set? Trump stored American jobs. How inside the global can the president act like that’s a horrific thing? A few matters should be extra important than politics and Obama has in no way learned that.

#2 Earnest is mendacity approximately the number of manufacturing jobs Obama created.

Here’s the reality…

From Twitchy:

Now here’s Politifact with the fact. From the beginning of Obama’s time period, “the wide variety of producing jobs is actually down by approximately 303,000” (emphasis ours):

After a presidential election determined with the aid of Rust Belt voters’ Republican shift, it’s an opportune time to assess President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election promise to “create 1 million new production jobs with the aid of the end of 2016” and to “double American exports over the following five years.”

First, manufacturing jobs.

Bureau of exertions facts statistics suggests that between the time Obama made that promise, amid the 2012 campaign, and October 2016, the wide variety of manufacturing jobs rose via 297,000. That’s well under 1 million.

And you could’t get to at least one million even if you use time frames that are beneficiant to Obama.

In case you start from the beginning of Obama’s time period — which started out in a severe monetary downturn — the quantity of producing jobs is honestly down through about 303,000.

So, how did Earnest get 805,000? Here’s how:

And in case you start counting internet gains in manufacturing jobs from their lowest factor in early 2010, the gains are strongest, but it’s only an boom of 805,000 — nevertheless quick of one million.

Swing and a leave out from Obama’s White house.

This is this kind of perfect instance of the difference between Trump and Obama.

Obama sits back and says he can’t do something approximately jobs being shipped out and tells people to address it.

Trump does some thing about it.

Gotta like it.

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