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BREAKING – Anti-Trump Al Sharpton Just Got THIS Bad News, It’s About Time!!

It’s true that not everyone believes in karma, but someone like Al Sharpton must be thinking some things to be true with his luck on this front.

Bill HR22 inadvertently delivered a major blow to the race-baiter Al Sharpton, and it’s seriously going to limit his ability to spread his hateful rhetoric.

It seems that one provision in the bill authorizes the U.S. State Department to revoke passport privileges of “seriously tax-delinquent Americans” who have not responded to IRS notices. The benchmark for qualifying for this provision is owing back-taxes of more than $50,000.

MSNBC reported that aides to the good reverend claimed he is “furious” about being stabbed in the back by his good friend Barack Obama. Due to the legislation, Sharpton was forced to cancel a trip he had planned to Venezuela to see his ideological compatriot, the socialist despot Nicolás Maduro.

The cancellation of the South American trip lends proof to the claim that Mr. Sharpton is, indeed, a tax scofflaw in excess of $50,000.

This move also signals the end of the reverend’s “special treatment visa” to the Obama White House. Up to this point, Sharpton had visited the White House 85 times – the most for any single individual during both terms of the Obama administration. The prospects of that access continuing, at this point, look grim.

Quite frankly, it is well past time Sharpton came up and got his comeuppance. For an absolute charlatan, he has lived a charmed life, complete with unwarranted celebrity status and ill-gotten wealth.

He has gotten away with tax evasion, slander, and the leveling of false charges in police matters. He has stoked the flames of racism at every turn and selfishly created national divide and anguish for personal gain.

Perhaps the prime example of Sharpton’s arrogance is his belief that he is above the rest of us, coming in a statement he made about his tax issue.

While speaking before a crowd at a National Action Network event earlier this year, Sharpton stated, “We’re talking about old taxes…I think it’s political.” That the IRS has only targeted conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party groups and individuals for political persecution seems to be lost on the good reverend.

It is sweet irony that Sharpton’s wings got clipped by the one he celebrated most, the “first black president,” Barack Obama.

One can only guess as to how he is going to handle this political slight. Maybe he’ll stage a march or form a coalition. Maybe he’ll call his buddy Barack…oh, wait a minute…never mind on that one.

And if he keeps these bogus attacks coming against Trump, then the president-elect, after taking office, should give the IRS one final order before he shreds the agency… go after Al and get OUR money from him!

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