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Guess Who Is Giving A Speech At Trump’s Inauguration

Donald Trump’s Inauguration is closer every day. We can’t wait for January the 20th. But there will be someone who will give a speech at the inauguration and his name made Obama livid.

From Conservativepost:

The New York Post reported on Sunday that the President-Elect’s White House transition team has been pursuing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC on January 20. According to the paper, there has been a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu. A source close to the transition team said to the paper that they’re talking all the time and that Netanyahu is even talking about going to the inauguration.

The relations between The United States and Israel are a bit shaky after the UN decision. Trump has been assuring Israel that things will be different after January 20, and last week lamented that the Jewish state was being treated really unfairly by the international community.

On Thursday while speaking to reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump criticized the UN for condemning Israel by saying that horrible places, that treat people horribly, haven’t even been reprimanded by the international body.

Donald Trump on his Twitter account also added that even if he thought that his transition would be smooth, the reality is showing the opposite.

Tell us what you think about Trump’s special guest at his Inauguration in the comments below.

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