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James Woods Humiliates Sens. Graham and McCain For Their Love Affair With Democrats

Conservative movie star James Woods is at it again on Twitter and is once again educating and entertaining with his patriotic and no nonsense posts about Liberals and warped career politicians.

James Woods pointed out the obvious with great sarcastic flare – which is kind of his specialty. Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s rush to embrace Barack Obama’s faux angst at Russia with a pointless slap on the wrist makes them appear far more like Democrats than the Republicans they supposedly are.


Trying to tell career politicians apart can often be a vexing endeavor. Woods was referencing a report by the Hill which noted Graham and McCain among the list of Democrats who are urging Obama, and ultimately Donald Trump, to enact tougher sanctions on Russia for their alleged cyber hacking antics.

Just a few months back Obama staunchly maintained that sanctions do not work. When detailing why he lifted sanctions against the Communist nation of Cuba, without getting anything in return (such as the extradition of a cop killer), Obama said sanctions only punish the disenfranchised people and do nothing to thwart evil regimes.

Of course the mainstream media totally ignored Obama’s hypocrisy when he turned around a few weeks later and levied sanctions on Russia – or when he did more of the same after the presidential election. Patriots see clearly why Obama decided to eject 35 Russians diplomats and seize two properties owned by Vladimir Putin’s government. It was pure politics at its worst.

Obama wanted to make it as difficult as possible for President-Elect Donald Trump to have a real “Russian restart” and to deal effectively with our emerging geo-political foe. When a coward tries to look tough and play the hero, the pathetic depiction becomes blatantly obvious in rapid fashion.

Obama’s motives are clear, but why would the South Carolina and Arizona Republicans Senators hop on board the Liberal ship? Neither man particularly likes Trump, but surely they are glad he defeated Hillary Clinton, right?!

Graham and McCain are part of the old GOP guard with a strong side of career politician. The era of nation-building and serving as the world’s policeman is over — at least for the next four, hopefully eight, years.

Both Senators just can’t seem to let the Cold War go. They both should be intelligent enough not to believe Obama’s claim that Russian hackers were behind the cyber attack on the Democrat Party, not without rock solid proof.

Deep-pocketed Liberal activist George Soros is still trying to launch his new world order plans. He too is working diligently to make life far more difficult for President-Elect Donald Trump -which is why James Woods thought he and the Republican Senators might enjoy hanging out together.

Welcome back to Twitter, Mr. Woods. Educating Liberals is a tedious task which might not ever achieve its goal, but I am glad your lofty efforts are continuing once again!

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