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Trump Says Flag Burning Should Be A Crime

President-select Donald Trump published a tweet early Tuesday morning suggesting that those who burn the yank flag need to pay for their loss of patriotism.

“no person need to be allowed to burn the yankee flag — if they do, there have to be results — perhaps lack of citizenship or year in jail!” he wrote.

The incentive for this unexpected tweet remained unknown, although some speculated that it may were inspired via what befell at Hampshire college in Massachusetts in advance inside the month.

As mentioned by using Fox news, the university opted to prevent flying all flags on campus after anti-Trump protesters burned an American flag following the president-go with’s 2016 election victory.


Either manner, the liberal media found Trump’s concept appalling, because it most effective served to affirm their claims that he possessed an authoritarian nature.

“Trump’s flag-burning tweet is a frightening moment no longer due to the fact his thought stands any chance of enactment, however as it displays one of the one of the few signs and symptoms that his risky and authoritarian politics is calculated, and no longer merely crazy,” wrote one seemingly nervous the big apple magazine contributor.

By no means thoughts the reality that failed 2016 presidential nominee HIllary Clinton proposed some thing awfully comparable.

In keeping with NBC news reporter Frank Thorp V, in 2015 then-Sen. Hillary Clinton delivered a bill that might outlaw the burning of the american flag.

“Any person who shall deliberately threaten or intimidate any person or group of people by way of burning, or inflicting to be burned, a flag of the usa shall be fined now not extra than $a hundred,000, imprisoned for now not extra than 1 year, or each,” the bill study.

Although Clinton’s bill did not mention potentially revoking a flag-burner’s citizenship, it still advocated the same type of anti-unfastened speech authoritarianism expressed by using Trump. We admire his patriotism, but one of the matters people ought to love their us of a maximum for is its freedoms — which incorporates the liberty to explicit thoughts with which we would whole-heartedly disagree, such as burning our flag.

Of route, if the flag is a person else’s belongings or its burning presents a few kind of public chance, that’s any other be counted. However unfastened speech, just like the right to bear hands, is paramount to retaining a unfastened society.

Trump may also need to assume a bit greater before he publishes a tweet to keep away from supplying the media with gasoline for their already anti-Trump fireplace. Likewise, the liberal mainstream media must keep in mind the behavior in their beloved election martyr, Hillary Rodham Clinton, earlier than criticizing Trump.

He may put up a few wild ideas to Twitter every so often, however at the least he has in no way clearly attempted to outlaw flag burning like Hillary Clinton did.


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