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Turncoat Electoral College Voters Just Got TERRIBLE News From U.S. Government

The unpatriotic faithless electors of the Electoral university, and their anti-Trump backers, just were given a few horrible information.

Electoral university members will not be getting an intelligence briefing about the alleged Russian hacking of Democrat birthday celebration emails as they have got demanded. Once they cast their ballots on Monday, they’ll accomplish that with out reading the claims approximately the over-hyped hacking scandal as placed forth by using Barack Obama’s CIA head.



A total of 54 of the 232 Democrat electors had signed a letter requesting the Russian hacking short earlier than they forged their votes and solidify Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton. The letter was referred to as on Director of country wide Intelligence, James Clapper, to element what role, if any Russia had in assisting Donald Trump win.

“cut loose Mr. Trump’s personal denials of Russian involvement in the election, the confirmed communique between Trump’s aides and those associated with the Russian election interference interest enhance critical worries that should be addressed earlier than we cast our votes,” the letter read.

When the letter turned into at the beginning signed, it contained the names of best 10 Democrat electors. After it became first posted the extra electors signed on.

The penning of the letter turned into the result of an effort become prepared by means of Christine Pelosi. She is the daughter of the residence Minority chief from California, Nancy Pelosi.

All of the overdue singees were Democrats with the exception of one Texas Republican, Chris Suprun. He claimed to were a 9-11 hero who helped the injured as the Pentagon whilst america changed into attacked through radical Islamic terrorists.

Suprun’s declare has now been debunked. He didn’t work for an area fire department as a paramedic till after the assault, besides the department became not even paged out to respond to the emergency scene. His claims associated with different professional attributes have also been either demonstrated false or called into query.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also weighed in at the Russian hacking scandal and ongoing controversy. The career flesh presser’s dropping crew commented in aid of Jill Stein’s recount motion as properly. The second one try and save you Donald Trump from turning into the 45th President of the united states goes to wind up being equally unsuccessful.

“regardless of our protestations, this rely did now not receive the attention it deserved by the media within the marketing campaign,” Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, said in a assertion Monday about the alleged Russian hacking. “We now recognise the CIA has determined Russia’s interference in our election became for the reason of electing Donald Trump. This should misery every American.”

even though, and that could be a massive if at this factor, Russian hackers were at the back of the breached e mail links, the emails were nevertheless genuine. The communications were honestly embarrassing, however have been only a unmarried factor in an extended and tenuous race.

Hillary Clinton prompted herself to lose. It is past time for both her and her Liberals pals to forestall seeking out someone else in charge for the epic defeat.

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