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Wisconsin Lawmaker Issues RED ALERT To Trump Fans, What Hillary Is Doing Is AWFUL

Consultant Sean Duffy (R-WI) went on with Tucker Carlson to talk approximately the recount efforts in Wisconsin.

Consistent with Duffy, the Democrats and the inexperienced party are seeking to stall the recount in Dane County where they may be conserving a hand recount. The recount does no longer look like it’s going to be completed by means of the closing date, December twentieth, and a good way to force the state to forfeit its electoral votes.



This changed into the liberals’ plan all alongside—they had been properly aware they might be unable to make up 20,000 votes, so they decided to stall so the state could be not able to declare its vote for the president.

Meaning, Wisconsin, which voted for and was won by using Donald Trump pretty, would possibly must forfeit. The votes must count within the first 35 days after the election. And the Democrats knew this, of path.

Jill Stein waited till there has been handiest 90 mins left earlier than Wisconsin’s cut-off date for filing the recount petition. This became a entice all alongside by means of the Democrats, and this is why many people refuse to believe them—they’re constantly making plans some thing.

All of the votes must be certified via December thirteenth, and the electors meet on December 19th to cast their votes. It seems like Wisconsin is certain to miss that cut-off date now because of the schemes of the Democrats.

The ultimate recount took more than a month to complete, and that turned into for a state splendid court docket contest where only a small number of votes have been forged, 1.5 million. In the event that they pass over their cut-off date at the nineteenth, then the ones electoral votes might not even be capable of rely. And admittedly, that may be a disgusting ploy from the Democrats. Shouldn’t someone be figuring out this is happening and put a forestall to it?

We cannot let this occur. I think although the recount is not completed, the previous solution must count number in place of no solution in any respect. The primary ruling showed Donald Trump because the winner, in order that ought to depend.

They may no longer be successful in disposing of Donald Trump from the seat of the president-choose due to the fact he became elected by way of the yankee humans to prevail Obama. We did now not want every other Democrat in office continuing to spoil this us of a.

If whatever, the moves of the Democrats show they’re no longer fit to guide. Our state’s leaders ought to no longer be attempting shady acts to scouse borrow a win for his or her candidate. That is every other example of why career politicians are untrustworthy and why the swamp wishes to be drained.

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