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“We Would Love to See Any Evidence of Fraud – Nothing They Are Saying Is True” – Dominion Voting Systems’ Hired Spokesman and Jeb Bush Lackey Refutes Fraud Claims (VIDEO)

Dominion Voting Systems has been strangely silent since the controversial 2020 election on November 3rd. On Friday Dominion skipped a Pennsylvania House Committee hearing and lawyered up instead. On Sunday Dominion Voting Systems sent a representative Michael Steel to speak to FOX News. Steel insisted there was “no fraud” in …

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Breaking: The Software Glitch That is Switching Trump Votes to Biden Votes

Supporters of President Trump are pointing to a glitch in the vote-counting software in a small Michigan county as evidence that votes for the president are being suppressed. In Antrim County, due to a supposed glitch in the vote-counting software, thousands of votes were switched from Trump to Biden, and from Republican Senate candidate John …

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BREAKING: HUGE! Elections Security Expert Finds Michigan Results a COMPLETE FRAUD — Current Machines Do Not Have the Capability to Count the Mass Dumps for Biden in Reported Time Period (VIDEO)

Russ Ramsland, of the Allied Security Operations Group, joined Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night to discuss the Michigan presidential election. Ramsland confirmed the vote was fraudulent and he has proof! The election was stolen! Russ Ramsland: We have been out looking mostly at Michigan. We are beginning on turning our …

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