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Internet EXPLODES After People Notice 1 Strange Thing About Michelle’s Dress- Do You See It?

Barack and Michelle Obama attended the final Kennedy Center Honors and boy was it ever ugly. 

Michelle Obama was dressed like a big, green watermelon- I mean it was ugly as hell.

As usual, it was a gathering of left-wing celebrities that kiss each other’s asses and praise the Muslim messiah Barack Hussein Obama.

They also spent most of the evening bashing Donald Trump. What scumbags.

Host Stephen Colbert joked that next year’s honorees — those lauded under a Donald Trump administration — would be Scott Baio, Gary Busey and Meat Loaf.

And the jerks actually laughed. Sorry but that punk isn’t even close to being funny.

My Italian comrade, Carmine Sabia at BizPac Review reports that R & B singer Mavis Staples said she would not have attended if Trump was president instead of Obama and the award involved a trip to his White House.

“Heck no!”she said. “No way. It would have been awkward.”

She’s right. It would be extremely awkward to have a racist a-hole in the White House. 8 years of that crap is enough. ADVERTISEMENT – STORY CONTINUES BELOW

Another honoree, who asked that their name not be divulged, also told the Post they wouldn’t have attended.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t come,” they said. “Not if it was Trump.”ADVERTISEMENT – STORY CONTINUES BELOW

Again. Fine- no one wants to hear your liberal bullshit anyways nor we do we want to smell your stench.

But despite all the Trump-hate there is one member of the Trump family who is probably thrilled with what they saw at the show.

The next first lady, Melania Trump!

After seeing the way her designers dressed the Mooch up like a big green monster Mrs. Trump can rejoice in the fact that these ghetto so-called designers refuse to dress her!

Take a look.

WHOA!!!! It looks like they stole some drapes out of a crack house in Compton and hacked together Michelle’s dress! 

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